Custom pergolas to fit your space, your surroundings, budget and needs. Call us today and speak to our representative to set up a FREE design consultation. We would love to build a perfect pergola so you can enjoy your outdoor space.


Custom Pergola Contractors Near Me

Custom pergola designed for the ones that feel there is something missing in the empty backyard or if there is a need to add an artisan design to your backyard. Florida Coastal Contractors’ craftsmanship, backyard pergola designs and the beauty of our exotic wooden pergola selections guarantees this piece of outdoor furniture will last for decades. Pergola contractors approved by your friends and neighbors.

Thinking about building a backyard pergola? Pergolas are thought of as a fully customizable way that can change any uninviting backyard or outdoor area into welcoming space where family and friend can enjoy spending time together sharing the joys of life. Pergolas installation can complement any landscape and turn any outdoor living area into an extension of your home.

You can build outdoor pergola as a DIY project, but if you want it to last we strongly advise to leave your custom pergola installation to Licensed and Insured local pergola contractors who are experienced in building a pergola using quality materials and will build outdoor pergola that will last a lifetime.

Florida Coastal Contractors use local Florida red cypress pergola because it is excellent for shade and shelter and will last as long as you home will. Create a great room to dine outdoors or just lounge by the pool under nice custom made pergolas. Top of the line materials that we use are guaranteed to last decades. Red Cypress will outlast teak, pine, cedar and other species of lumber. We use over-sized timbers, high quality steel hardware and the best weather resistant stains available in the market today.

Local Pergola Builders

Florida Coastal Contractors offers different types of pergolas and pergola designs… Whether it is metal pergola, aluminum pergola, wooden pergola, vinyl pergola, free standing pergola or attached pergola, modern pergola, patio pergola or if you have plans to build a pergola on a deck, or any other type of backyard pergola, we have experience in building a pergola of any size, type and of any material. We want to have the opportunity to earn your business and build outdoor pergola to be enjoyed by you family and friends.

Florida Coastal Contractors will help you come up with best backyard pergola designs that fit your lifestyle and needs. You can be sure that building a pergola requires a lot of experience and know-how. Pergola installation requires planning, designing and skill.

Quite a few pergola companies in St. Augustine FL can build you and affordable pergola for your backyard. But a lot of times quality suffers at the hands of affordability. Not with Florida Coastal Contractors! We offer custom built pergolas at competitive prices. It is not in our nature to produce an inferior product just to cut some pergola installation cost. Some pergola builders will just “take your order” without giving you proper advice, point out flaws with the new pergola project.

Florida Coastal Contractors, your pergola contractors in St. Augustine FL area will take you through the entire process from understanding what your lifestyle needs, goals are as well as the underlined purpose for building an outdoor pergola is. After initial meeting that takes care of all of this we will design a perfect custom pergola for your backyard. We will advise you on the best materials and location for your new feature.

Cost to Build a Pergola

So, how much does it cost to build a pergola? Cost to build a pergola depends on a few factors. Size being one of them. For instance, average cost to build 12×12 pergola will be higher than average cost to build a 10×10 pergola.
Type of pergola and pergola design plays another important role in your custom pergola cost. Detached pergola will normally use little bit more materials than pergola attached to house therefore increasing overall pergola installation cost.
Pergola construction materials would be the third major factor that will increase or decrease your custom pergola cost. Yo can be sure that wooden pergola cost will be different than vinyl pergola cost.

Please check out our past projects to get some ideas for your own backyard or just to take a look at the quality of you work. We would love to answer any questions or provide you with any references to make sure you are comfortable working with Florida Coastal Contractors, LLC – your Dream Backyard Builders.


Florida Coastal Contractors’ mission is to create beautiful, unique and completely functional outdoor living spaces. We believe that custom designed and built pergola will enhance the functionality of your backyard. Whether a free-standing structure or pergola attached to your home we are extremely confident that our expert team can bring your vision to the beautiful reality of your serene outdoor living space.

Our pergolas are completely customized to your specifications. Every pergola we have ever built was constructed using only top of the line materials. By adding professional expertise and high quality craftsmanship Florida Coastal Contractors insures that our work can be enjoyed by your family and friends for a long time to come.

There are myriads of custom shapes, sizes, characteristics and styles that pergolas can be constructed. In addition there are a lot of different custom elements like materials the pergola can be built out of, fixtures, accessories, etc. We can guide you through the entire process.

From assessing your needs and developing style preference to constructing a perfect addition to your backyard… your brand new beautiful pergola, we are there with you every step of the way. We have gone through the process plenty of times and are able to give you expert advice on which is the best way to go.

For instance, the size of your custom pergola and its shape will depend upon landscape of the area you would like to enhance with it. We can build pergolas that fit right in with its surroundings like existing pool, garden or children's’ play area.

We encourage you to contact our office with any questions or to set up completely free consultation without any strings attached.

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